Sunday, 10 May 2015


This week's simple bible craft for toddlers follows on from last week's theme; it's Pentecost. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he told his disciples that they would receive the Holy Spirit, to enable them to carry on his work; spreading the good news of God's love for all people. In the bible, in the book of Acts, we hear how the disciples were gathered together when the Holy Spirit came to them. The sound of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house. They saw tongues of fire, that separated and rested on each head of those gathered. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and they found themselves talking in many strange languages that they had never spoken before but the people on the street outside understood.
Disciples with flames on their heads
The typical craft for Pentecost is making flame crowns or drawing disciples with flames on their heads. I'm afraid I'm not going to break with tradition on this occasion. My first idea for this week had been completely different and I was almost prepared, when I found in Poundland a packet of 15 card people. I could not resist them, they were a must purchase and so this week's craft is card disciples with flames on their heads. However I do realise that not every Poundland (other pound shops are available!) in the country will be stocking these cut out people and there are readers of this page from other countries where Poundland has not darkened their shores. Therefore, on behalf of those readers, I am going to provide a step by step guide to making your own card person template.

Materials required:

·         Card, no surprises there!

·         Pencil

·         Something round to draw around

·         Ruler

·         Rubber/eraser, I found this to be essential!

·         scissors

Card person instructions:

1.    On the edge of your card, at the top, draw a semi circle. The card is the short side of a A4 sheet of card.

2.    Before drawing the arm and leg, decide where to draw the body and how wide to make the body. I think my person is too thin but it's up to you. Careful not to make it too long. That's what the eraser is for!

3.    Using a ruler draw the body.

4.    Again using the ruler, draw the arm and the leg, rounding them off at the end.

5.    Cut out the half person template.

6.    Draw around the template, then flip it over and draw around it again to make a whole body.

7.    Cut this out and use as a template.

As you can see above, the kids coloured in their own disciples, using wool strands for hair and googly eyes. I cut out flames from tissue paper to stick to the back of the head. The older children sat for such a long time colouring in there disciples, it was lovely to see how engaged they were with the activity. The younger children were also keen to have a go, needing help to spread glue and draw a mouth.

These card people can be decorated in anyway you wish, maybe strips of material or paper could be glued on to make clothes. Be careful with paint, as this will curl the people.

However way you do it, it's a fun craft the children will enjoy.
Have fun!


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