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Joshua and the Defeat of Jericho

Joshua 1- 6

Edible walls of Jericho

George wouldn't let me take a photo before he ate it
At Toddler Praise we don't do food crafts all that often, which is a shame because they are so popular. The hall kitchen is not set up for cooking in, as there is no oven. When I do prepare a food craft, it has to be a non-cooking one. In fact this is only the second food craft this year because of the limitations of our hall and the time we have to do it in.

The walls of Jericho gave us the perfect opportunity to use food like a craft material. What better material is there for building walls than bread cut into cubes. The children have the fun of building up walls as tall as they can, until they fall or get knocked over. Oh, how small children love to knock bricks over. And what's more they get to eat it afterwards, what could be better! Our kids spent more time eating than playing today, tidy up time was so easy. But, I must give a sticky warning.


However, very tasty fingers to lick afterwards!

Eli's impressive construction of Jericho

After Moses and the people of Israel left Egypt, they wandered around the desert for 40 years. Not because they were lost but because they didn't trust the Lord, as a result, all those who had left Egypt were not allowed to enter the promised land, all except Joshua. When Moses died, Joshua led the people into the promised land of Canaan. The Lord told Joshua that he was with him and he was giving them the land that he had promised to their forefathers. They would be successful in this land as long as they keep God's laws.

Israelites outside the walls of Jericho
Joshua sent two men to look over the promised land, especially Jericho. The people of Jericho had heard of the Israelites and that their God had parted the Red Sea and defeated their foes. The people of Jericho were scared. When the two men entered Jericho, they entered the house of a woman named Rahab. People in the city heard of two Israelite men, so they went to the house of Rahab. Rahab protected the men and hid them, she told the men of the city that the Israelite men had already left Jericho. The men of the city went searching for them along the road. Meanwhile Rahab helped the men escape, provided they protect her and her family when Israel attacked. She lowered them down the city walls from a window in her house. The men told her to tie a red cord to the window, then they would know which house not to attack.

Israelites march around the walls seven times
The Lord told Joshua that he would deliver the city into their hands. They had to march around the city once a day for 6 days, with all the armed men. Carry the Ark of the Covenant, ahead of it seven priest should blow rams horns. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times in silence. Then give a long horn blast and all the people should shout as loud as possible. This will cause the walls to collapse. Joshua and the people did just as the Lord said and the city of Jericho fell. The Israelites took over the city and dedicated it to the Lord. Rahab and her family were kept safe, as the two men had promised her.

 Materials required:

·         Brown Bread

·         Jam/chocolate sauce/honey

·         Large container

·         Paper plates

·         Knifes and spoons

·         Bowls

·         Bread knife


·         Cut crusts off the bread and cut into brick shaped pieces.
Brandon adding a layer of chocolate sauce

·         Put jam and sauces into bowls


1.    Build a wall on a paper plate by sticking the bread together using the jam and sauces as cement.

2.    Then knock it down with a loud shout and eat.


In the words of 4 year old Brandon, "The chocolate sauce tastes nicer but the jam sticks the bricks better."

We have more photo's of this activity on our facebook page, just follow the link.

Have fun

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