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Saul's / Paul's Conversion

Acts 9: 1-25

This week's simple toddler craft is one of my favourite to date. It is so simple and so affective. This is not entirely my own creation, very few ideas are original anyway but a product of creative processes that stem from something sparked them. I found something similar to this craft, when looking through PInterest, someone had made daffodil sun-catchers, which looked fantastic. I have been waiting for the perfect story to do something similar and Saul blinded by a bright light is just that. I also found the image of Paul on Pinterest too, found on the page of, he has lots of wonderful biblical figures that can be used for free.

Pinterest, as most of you will know, is the most wonder resource for craft ideas. I am a relative new comer to it but there are so many fantastic ideas available to view on the site, I often find myself lost within this creative space for a very long time. If you have not yet discovered this wonder, I thoroughly recommend that you do. When you come across a creative idea you like, it can be pinned onto you own page where it will remain, ready to access when you have need for it and other people can find and view them there too. It's like a virtual scrapbook. I pin my blogs to my own page and you can too by clicking on the Pinterest symbol at the bottom of each blog.
Imogen with our Saul sun-catchers
In Acts we learn about Saul/Paul the great evangelist. However Saul as he was known before conversion was a militant Pharisee, feared by many Christian's for his ruthless persecution of the early believers. In the chapters leading up to Chapter 9 we read about how he witnessed the death of Stephen by stoning, looking after the coats of those who stoned him. Saul imprisoned many believers, he was on his way to Damascus under the authority of the High Priest, to arrest any Christians he found. Suddenly a bright light surrounded him and a voice from heaven said "Saul, why do you persecute me?" Jesus himself had spoken to him. Despite all the Christians Saul has murdered and imprisoned, Jesus had chosen the worst of sinners to be his great evangelist. He was told by Jesus to go to the city of Damascus and await further instructions. Saul had been blinded from the light, his men had to lead him to the city, for three days he didn't eat or drink. In the city there was a man named Ananias, he had a vision from the Lord to meet Saul in a particular house. Ananias was scared, he knew why Saul had come to Damascus but the Lord told him not to be afraid, because Saul was his chosen instrument to spread the good news of Jesus and God's love for all. Immediately Saul began to preach in the synagogue's, day after day teaching about Jesus but the Jews became angry and plotted to kill him. The believers in Damascus had to help him escape the city, by lowering him from the walls in a basket.

Materials Required
Materials at the ready

·         Clear sticky back plastic or cover film

·         Tissue paper: white, yellow and orange

·         Yellow card

·         Images of Saul being blinded by light

·         Scissors

·         Paper cutter (optional)


Prepare prior to session:

Images of Saul
1.    Cut out rectangles of the sticky back plastic; ours measured 30cm by 15cm.

2.    Find image of Saul on internet, copy and paste required number, print off and cut out.

3.    Cut tissue paper into shards of light; long, thin triangles, with scissors or paper cutter.

Strips of card
4.    Cut thin strips of card with scissors or paper cutter. An opportunity to use up scraps.

How to make:

1.    Peel backing off sticky back plastic but keep it for later.

2.    Put thin strips of card around the outer edges but leave a gap between the card and the edge. This frames the picture and adds weight to the edges so they don't curl up during activity.

3.    Put Saul in a bottom corner, make sure he is back to front; facing down and not looking up at you.

A burst of light
4.    Place tissue paper so they are bursting from the opposite corner to where Saul is placed.

5.    Stick to window or replace the backing for safe keeping.

I preferred the shards of light to be dominantly white and yellow with some orange but make it your own way, you might want to add some red or even pale purple, it's up to you.

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Have fun

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