Thursday, 21 May 2015

Peter in Prison and the Angel

Acts 12: 1-19

This week I have had to keep the craft really simple. I thought I was going to be on tea duty at Toddler Praise, as the wonderful lady who usually makes the tea, thought she was unable to be with us but at the last minute found she could come. Therefore the craft had to be something I didn't need to supervise, allowing the children to freely do with parents help. It had to be something self explanatory. This craft to me, seems too simple to be blogged about. However sometimes we find that we just can't do what we intend to do, we have to accept the circumstances for what they are and adjust our plans accordingly.

In today's story, Herod arrests Peter during Passover, he intends to try him and has him put under heavy guard in prison, with soldiers in the cell and bound with chains. During the night an angel appears, wakes Peter, frees him from his chains and tells him to dress. The angel leads Peter through the prison, past sleeping guards and out into the street. Up to this point, Peter thinks he is dreaming but when the Angel leaves him he realises what has happened and heads for the house of Mary, mother of John, where many believers are praying. He knocks on the door, the servant girl answers but she is so excited that Peter is free, she forgets to let him in and leaves him on the doorstep while she informs the others. Who don't believe her until Peter is finally let in.
Peter woken by the Angel
Our craft today is Peter behind lolly stick (popsicle stick - for my American readers) prison bars with the angel.

In a previous blog I talked about finding images on the internet. In this craft we need to do this again. I found when looking for images of Peter and the Angel, I needed to be specific with the keywords I typed into Google. Type in the wrong words and all sorts of unsuitable images come up. When I first typed Peter and Angel, Google found lots of images of Peter with wings at heaven's gate. After various attempts I chose 'images man praying cartoon' and found the image I required. I also had problems with the angel but finally got what I wanted by typing 'images guardian angel cartoon'.

Materials required:
Materials ready for use

·         Pictures of Peter/man

·         Pictures of Angel

·         Card

·         Felt tips

·         Lolly/popsicle sticks

·         Glue, pot and spreaders


1.    Find images of Peter and the Angel on the internet and paste into Word or alternative. They need to be smaller than a lolly stick in size.

2.    Roughly cut out pictures of Peter and the Angel.

3.    Cut card down to size. Our card was A6 in paper sizes; A4 card cut into quarters.

Noah with help from his Mum

1.    Colour in Peter and the Angel.

2.    Glue onto the middle of the card.

3.    Arrange lolly sticks before gluing, then glue into place.

This is very simple but if you want an alternative, make a prison cell out of a box, with Peter and the Angel inside and the lolly sticks glued to the outside. Maybe add some guards on the inside and outside and add some chains. I often take other people's ideas and change them for my own purpose, so feel free to do this yourself.
Eli Gluing on his lolly sticks
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Have fun


  1. Not looking to simple for me, it means the children can do most of it without supervision, which is good.

    1. Not sure what you mean, Rachel. Do you mean not simple for you to prepare or not simple for the children to do? I think you mean the first option. If it's the first; the problem with making it simple for the children, it does generally mean that there is more preparation to be done beforehand. Being toddlers, as you know, they are less capable than older children, who would be able to draw their own Peter and Angel. If you mean not simple for the children, I found the 4 year olds could do it on their own and the 1 year olds needed help with gluing and arranging, while those in between differed in their abilities.

  2. I'm trying to find the peter and angel printable. Do you know where I can find it?